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The Mission

I'm Enid Marie Reynolds, author, screenwriter, and founder of NoireRose Publishing. 

Growing up, my home was filled with books, and I always had my nose in one.


Our book shelves were stuffed with everything from classics like Malcolm X, Roots, and The Autobiography of Angela Davis, to bestsellers that spanned across genres like urban fantasy, horror, supernatural thrillers, and mysteries. 

Unfortunately, what was true back then is still true today:


Over Ninety-Percent of traditionally published books are not written by BIPOC authors.


It seems as though more books by BIPOCs are being published. But the numbers don't lie and the percentage is astounding.


How is this still possible in this day and age?

Compounding the issue; big trad publishers are merging, and also losing key staff due to a lack of equity within their own ranks.


As a result, it will become increasingly more difficult for BIPOC authors to get published. And for the few that do, it's an uphill battle to receive an equitable advance. Just Google #PublishingPaidMe if you're not already familiar with the hashtag that went viral.

It is clear that we can't rely on the traditional publishing space alone to make meaningful and equitable change within the industry. 


We must also rally on the indie front.

My mission as a writer and publisher is clear: to create BIPOC centered stories that empower, inspire, and elevate the culture in genre fiction.


Now more than ever, it is imperative that we, BIPOC creatives and readers alike, create our own publishing companies and amplify them.

Together we can do our part to change the face of publishing. 

Please join me on this journey.

From my heart to yours,

Enid Marie