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More About the Author & creative  Mission

"No black woman writer in this culture
can write
too much.
no woman
has ever

bell hooks


I'm Enid Marie Reynolds, author and founder of NoireRose Publishing.

Growing up, my home was filled with books. Our shelves were stuffed with everything from classics like Malcolm X and Roots to anything Danielle Steele and Stephen King. My nose and eyes were glued to many other bestsellers that spanned across genres like horror, ghost stories, supernatural thrillers, action-adventure, sci-fi, and mysteries. 

Unfortunately, what was true back then still holds true today:


Most traditionally published books in these genres don't feature BIPOC main characters. Even though more are being written by BIPOC authors, the gap is still far and wide. Sure, you can find plenty to read in street fiction and romance.  But what about everything else in between?


Compounding the issue - big trad publishers are merging (aka becoming monopolies) which means it will be even more difficult for authors of color to get published and fill the gap. And for the few that do, it's an uphill battle to receive an equitable advance. Just Google #PublishingPaidMe if you're not already familiar with the hashtag that went viral.

My creative mission as an author and indie publisher is to create BIPOC centered stories across genre fiction. Entertaining stories that also empowers, inspires, and elevates the culture!


Now more than ever we need community. Help me amplify by reading my stories and spreading the word. Recommend my works to your friends and family. Together we can change the face of publishing.

Please join me on this journey.




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