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When dancer Ashton Brooks heads down to New Orleans to visit a friend, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Bloody mayhem ensues as she finds herself caught up in the middle of a full out paranormal war. And to make matters worse, she may have to reveal a dark secret about herself if she's to survive the night. Blood Meridian is an action packed, blood drenched, urban fantasy thriller.


​Skylar Evans has finally begun to put her life back on track. Unfortunately, staying straight will be the very least of her problems. Things take a dark turn when she’s abducted one night and gravely injured. 

Pulled towards certain death, she slips away into what she believes are the bright lights of the sweet hereafter. But the next morning, Skylar wakes up to find herself miraculously healed and different. 

Heightened senses. Sharper reflexes. Altered states. 

As she tries to piece together the events of that night, she’s confronted with the impossible changes happening to her. And the more Skylar realizes she’s not what she once was, the more she fears what she is becoming. 

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